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Spiral Ritual ran

Everything intimately interconnected you can't point a finger with out three point back at self... we are one and in this shit together facts of life  the more we blame the more we add to the chaos and we just as insane as you claim whoever to be your just as in denial and using your judgment towards other as escapism from self and soul calling and true knowing  That duality concept of wrong and right light and dark etc etc will have you in limbo land too rather tthen neutralize our circumstances  letting go of who right or wrong or who blame and not to blame who better or worst that ol blame game is a delusional trap of the ego that same as war on drugs ... becoming the abuser etc and so on and so on  ....yet just being in your truth... moment by moment yeah we may be in the physical embodiment or should say  in the  physical representation of feminine energy that created this physically reality and manifestation to see thyself  doesn't mean we are not masculine awareness  one…

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