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"There Is Never Enough Time" : Prioritizing & Planning

"There Is Never Enough Time" : Prioritizing & Planning 

So Life has not only been pretty eventful, but hectic this past year and 3 months. I have barely been able to keep track of time, let alone what day it is. Ever since I had my daughter its like I jumped into fast forward mode on 3x speed. I still don't understand how I can go 9 to 12 hours running around while not feeling accomplished or being able to sit down throughout the day. Some assume that because I am a stay at home mom I have all the time in the world, when in fact it is the complete opposite. I wasn't able to put in the work for my business and brands because not only was I going through some emotional changes, but also adjusting to taking care of 2 babies and our 3 level home. I was trying to keep the house in order, but I didn't put time aside to keep me in order, I wasn't effectively pouring into my business the way I wanted too. I was a sleep deprived emotional wreck most of the time. …

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