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Don’t Idolized Me : Emotional healing & truths

Grand Rise Sunshine’s ! Got a msg for y’all  I be open and humble and vulnerable okay #moonday

 Don’t idolize me -Self acknowledgement : Got some shadow work to still do within myself pain bodies that need be loved and  checked and transcended so Shadows can dissolve and more consciousness / present can be . Reminding myself healing has no time limit. or age limit a continually journey and it takes commitment to growth and evolving.  I try to bring my best self in everything I do but many times I fall short... sometimes I fold and briefly loose myself into situation,conflict at hand .
I am aware that I am way to hard on myself and my partner. So learning letup trust and allow ... show up on higher conscious level even when it something that provoking and I only one who does “. I have to remind myself I am human and have many roles and responsibilities now as I grow and heal and it’s a learning growth journey for all us here  whether they or others  are aware of it or not and doesn’t m…

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