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Why You Should Utilize The Cosmic Energy of the Moon

What a perfect time to come back and return to my blog. When life gets overwhelming for me, I tend to drop my hobbies and leisure's to handle my business. Blogging and YouTubing are some of my joyful hobbies that I do on my leisure time. So I truly hope my subscribers inner-stand. It is truly a pleasure to be typing to you all.

The recent Full Super Moon energy amplifies me, allowing me to focus on getting things done, reorganize things and put me in a creative space. That's exactly what lead me to come on here and write to you all.


So...I posted a photo of a jar of water with a crystal and note taped to it, two days ago on my Instagram. In the caption, I was talking about prepping for my full super moon ritual and programming my water. I gave details about the full moon ritual I performed and people started to ask me questions in my inbox, curious to know more. So in saying all that it lead me to write this blog post. I hope you enjoy!

 These heavenly bodies above …

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