My FlavorFul Vegan Spaghetti !

 So this one my staples recipes we will have monthly sometimes as often as every two weeks
Why ? Well because it super delicious  thats why and it really easy to make
you can make enough to last you two days worth.

  It easy to make and bring your taste buds to life very flavorful your going to love this one.

Ingredients You Will Need 

-  (1.5 box) 16 oz  Italian Classic Spaghetti ( Wegmans Organic )
-   Large Red Pepper
-  Large Green Pepper
- Large Yellow Onion
- 8 oz Contain Fresh Sliced White Mushrooms( Wegmans ) 

Seasonings and Sauces
- ( 1 Can ) 23.5 Italian Classics Grandpa's Sauce Goes Vegetarian ( Wegmans Organic)
-  2/3 Cup  Freshly Chopped Parsely
- 1 Large Organic Clove ( 3 mini garlic cloves)
- Garlic & Herb Seasoning ( Frontier) 
-  Ground Black Pepper-( Simply Organic)
-  Italian Seasoning -( Simply Organic)
- Iodized Sea Salt ( Hain Pure Foods)
- Organic Virgin Olive Oil( Wegmans)
-  Basting Oil ( Wegmans)

 1.)Follow Instruction on the box of pasta and pour the quality bottle water  and the appropriate amount of water in a pot on stove on medium heat until it boils

 2.)While that prepares to boil chop and prepare the vegetables

 3.) Pour a little bite of Basting oil in your  sauteing pan on low heat
use a shredder or you chop the 1 of the garlic cloves  allowing the shredding garlic or pour the chopped garlic in the pan

4.) By this time the water should have boil break the spaghetti pasta into half and  pour it in the boiling pan turn down the heat to  low -medium setting

 5.) Now you can  pour the chopped onion in the saluted pan  along with red and green peppers

 6.) Then after that turn bright color but still crisp and hard pour the chopped mushroom and parsley in the saluting pan

7.)  sprinkle appropriate amount of Italian seasoning , garlic- herbs, sea salt and pepper and mix together turn on simmer setting

8.) Check on the pasta noodles as the timer goes off check to see if they soft in texture but not over cooked

9) Drain water from spaghetti pasta and let that cool off

10.) Pour The Grandpa Sauce in  with the the saluted veggies or you pour it on the pasta separately

11.) Once spaghetti cool off just enough were its hot but not as hot pour back into pan pour little of oil olive sea salt Italian seasoning and even sprinkle fresh chopped parsley

12.) Pour some noodles in a bowl or a plate and pour some of Grandpa Spaghetti sauce with your season saluted veggies on top and Enjoy😋!

Prep Time : 15
Cook Time: 15-20
Serving Size 6-8 Servings


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