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Hello Everyone, First want to say thank you for stopping past to view my blog.I am currently 26 years old,college graduate, natural beauty advocate, Mommy, Self Emplyoed . My Blog contains everything I love and thats family and love ones, Natural Hair, My Life, Holsitic Living, Healthy Foods, Food, art business spoken word...ok ok ... Let just say whole lot :) Enjoy

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Monday, July 27, 2015

Week 1 Post Length Check #1 :Protein Deep Condition

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   As I take on my hair journey from 10 inches to grow to 18 inches. I am gonna document everything I do to my hair. Weekly videos and guides on hair care and styles will be posted on YouTube so you will know everything that was done from first length check video until next one and can be used as guide for who ever else .Subscribe today  Felicia Unique (Beauty,Health, Hair & Fashion )Channel

 This Protein cocktail conditioner made in this video made my hair feel amazingly soft and moisturized. I had great slip and was easy to detangle. You try this deep conditioner and let me know what you think.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

I am Back !!!

Hello Everyone,

 I am Back!!!!
 Yes, that's right I am back to  Vlogging on YouTube and Blogging. After 2+ long years I am back to doing what I enjoy. Things has tremendous changed in my life for the better, boy has a lot changed and evolved. I am now 26 years old, I am a mommy now to a 18 month old little boy.

 I'm also expecting my second  January 2016.

 I am in a healthy loving relationship with my long term college friend. We brought our first home together. I am currently self employed and stay at home preggo mommy and love it :)Btw we have family vlog channel on youtube so go subscribe share and join us on our BerryUniqueLife.(Click the purple link below)

                                                        BerryUniqueLife Family Youtube Channel

Hair : 
  Far as my natural hair journey well here a few head shots of my hair the last few months. I am currently at shoulder length tethering near armpit length. Due to flat ironing monthly and going to salons and getting cuts few months in a row I am back at shoulder length. I truly been pretty neglectful to my hair when it came to following a good regimen. I am over shoulder length and ready to grow my hair to new length 16-18 inches to be exact.  Join me on my Natural Health and Beauty
Straighten- April 2015
Twist Out -July 2015

Well I think I caought yall up with less words as possible see you in my next post or somewhere on social media ( Youtube, instagram , facebook)