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Hello Everyone, First want to say thank you for stopping past to view my blog.I am currently 23 years old,college graduate, model, natural beauty adovocate, natural hair stylist.I plan to have my own busines one day that caters to encouraging others to embrace there natural beauty, improve and mantain a natural holistic lifestyle. I believe we are spirits having a human being experience so there are many spirutal lessons to learn here from life.I plan on sharing my natural hair journey, posting about my own journey and life and life lessons.My poems, tips for holisitic lifestyle and natural healing andd beauty as well as random pictures and fashion.This blog includes everything I love and thats a whole lot :)xoxoxo

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Fall/Winter Hair Challenge~ Protective Style: My Goddess Twists

Hello Natural Queens/Kings,
 This Fall and winter I will be  participating in a hair challenge from October 2012- April2013 ,that's 6months of 90% PROTECTIVE STYLING/ NO HEAT hair challenge . I encourage ladies who are trying to retain length  and  have healthy natural hair to join me. With in this 6months I want to retain 3 inches of hair growth. I  gave myself a fresh trim cut no more then 1/2inch off, before I installed my first protective style for this challenge. April 2013 will mark my 3year natural anniversary.So currently my average length of my hair is 8-9inches  my goal at end of this challenge in   April to  be at 11-12 inches.
My ultimate hair goal is grow my hair to 18-20inches Waist length Natural Hair.
Reason I trim because I wanted to make sure my ends are healthy and in good shape before committing 6months to retaining length .I don't want to do all this and have damaged or split ends.  I use to be happy scissor person through out the last 2 years of my natural hair journey. Since I barely use any extreme heat on my hair and I will trim only once to twice per year.The last trim I gave myself was in April 2012 and just recently October 2012.
How will this challenge help you retain length? This hair challenge will encourage you to retain length because you will be preserving a your ends, by wearing protective hair styles and putting to much stress on  your hair such as heat or extreme daily styling.
(Protective Hairstyle) This is a style that requires little manipulation, protects the ends of the hair by keeping them tucked away and allows regular moisturizing. Common protective styles are twists, coils, flat twists and cornrows.Definition source 
What are you protecting your hair from? Natural or Afro- textured  hair tends to have moisturize issues and very fragile. When you wear your natural hair out and have your ends exposed to the air, winds, sun, dry air can take a toll on your hair, Your hair can get tangled , form single strand knots or , dry out by the cold air or wind which leads to breakage and even heat damage from the sun. When you do a protective hairstyle usually this style is (low manipulative styles )which are styles that does  not require to much daily maintenance/styling or  to much wear and tear /damage or breakage.
So I will be posting video update on my youtube channel ,facebook  and of course on my blog about style, care  and details on every protective style I wear in course of these next 6months.
See your  hair always is growing you just have to retain your length and preserve the ends of your hair to see it.

I am a Natural Hairstylist and specialist if your in MD OR DMV PLEASE  FEEL FREE TO

If you are in the  (DMV) MARYLAND,VIRGINA, D.C area and interested in my hair services please email me  felicianaturallyunique@gmail.com to get more details / info on my services.
Style: Goddess Twists
Time: 10hours
Duration of style: 6-8weeks
Watch Video below for more details  on care maintenance, how, etc

I explain how I care for my hair during this hair style... Talk about the hair style and ranting on Natura Hair ...
Fall- Spring hair challenge.To encourage myself to stay on track with my hair goals, I challenge myself to not use any heat on my hair for the next 7 months (October- April 2013) on my hair. So I will be posting alternative hairstyles and protective style I will be sporting during this fall and winter
Old video from 2010 on how I install this hair :

Old video from 2010 how I care for this style:

This a video 2011 my second time doing this style:

Style: Goddess Twists
Time: 10hours
Duration of style: 6-8weeks

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Monday, October 22, 2012

Each moment seems to get better

Time flys it has almost been a month since my last blog post. Lots things have and are taking place in my life. It has been quit a adventure so many changes has and are taking place.

I found out some news that took a negative toll on my emotions about my last relationship, I ask God to give me the wisdom and strength I need to endure and process those emotions. Spiritually evolving each moment in time/space and I can only thank the Creator for it all.

Beside that I have truly been enjoying life and all it has to offer so far. I started work 2weeks ago at a really nice Natural Hair salon downtown Baltimore,MD. It's been a great enjoyable experience thus far. I have been going to a lot social events,poetry events, hanging with family and friends and made few new friends :-) So catch my followers up on my social life and stuff here are few photos :-)

Elephant Riding @ Renaissance Festival
Watching Jousting @ Renaissance Festivial


Me and My Brother@ Maryland Renaissance Festival Oct 14,2012

Me & Sisters @ Jara and LisaMaya Chruch Cermony October 21,2012
@Westminster, MD Farm Pumpkin Patching October 21,2012
So nice to be out in the country and with family
Me & Big Sister
Me & Brother October 21,2012 Pumpkin Picking
My two fabelous Big Sistas and my younger brother. We had a wonderful day  @ Westminister, MD
October 21,2012

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

D.C Healthy Hair Affair Sept2012

This past Saturday I attended the D.C Healthy Hair Affair. It was a beautiful event .I got to see such a diverse crowd of ladies sporting their natural do"s . They had a bloggers lounge that a spent most my time in discussion hair questions, blogging and social media advice. There where some nice Talented ladies who I have met there and bad blogs as well right in DMV area. The host for the Blogger lounge was www.Kisforkinky.com she really nice to met and gave good advice.Some other natural bloggers are
Naturally Glam on Facebook here are some pictures from that event . I will keep my followed updated on any events concerning holistic health, fitness,natural hair and more and even poetry and spoken word.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Summer Fun Moments

So This year after I graduated I working on changing my wardrobe from college sweats and rags to wear clothes that suits me and express how I am feeling at that time: Below are random moments with (friends, family and love ones) of events and fun I had these past 9 months and my recent fashion and summer wear...

 Aug 2012: Hanging with my Ladies at a cokout that turn into a house gathering because of the rain: My natural friends Dominque and Tashia .All of us sporting out Natural DO!!

September 2012: Me and Tashia at the African American Cultural Festival
Towson, Maryland
Shannon ,Me& Tahsia

My cousin Maya and her daughter, Me ,Shannon, Dominque and Tashia
Hanging with my ladies for last festival before Fall hits September 2012.
Columbia Art Festival me showing off my Henna Tattoo I got done earlier that day

A night in Virginia at a Hookah Lounge on a friday night out.

Add caption
July 2012: Miami , Fl ... Had lots of fun ...



 Catching Up with Old Buddies

August 2012:My Friend Emerita came to visit , she attends Medical school in Cuba. We really close friends in high school and havent seen each other since.


2012 Summer Fashion

Random Moments the past 9 months of 2012

So This year after I graduated I working on changing my wardrobe from college sweats and rags to wear clothes that suits me and express how I am feeling at that time: Below are random moments with (friends, family and love ones) of events and fun I had these past 9 months and my recent fashion and summer wear...

Time Flies and now I have to say goodbye to warm , fun,sunny, summer sky  






Fall has Arrive: Time to Layer Up and rock those Scarves ,booths with dresses , Cardigans