Natural Hair styles

I love Beening natural for the freedom of expression the unique hair styles and so much more. Here are photos of me and my few of my Hair styles I rock since My 5Months Beening Natural and many more to come as it grows:)

Two stand twists and Cornrows style#1
5months (Sept 2010)
Length: Neck Length
2.5 Hours to complete

Fake French Roll
I use Mohawk Clip and tucked my ends and pin Down giveth fullness and illusion that my hair longer
5months Natural(Sept2010)
10mins to Complete

Hair Straighten
 Length Check :Neck Length
Sept20110(5months Natural)
2hours flat iron
40min Blow dry

Plaits(Indivduals) Styles Updo
5months NaturaL(Sept2010)
Length:Neck Length
2.5Hours to braid
15mins  to Style

Two Strand Twist Pin Updo
2months Natural (June2010)
The Puff
5months Natural(sept2010)
10mins Hair Style

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Lengh: Top Neck Length
                                                            1.5hours to complete
Straighten Bun
Sept2010(5months Natural)
Neck Length
5mins to complete


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