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Hello Everyone, First want to say thank you for stopping past to view my blog.I am currently 23 years old,college graduate, model, natural beauty adovocate, natural hair stylist.I plan to have my own busines one day that caters to encouraging others to embrace there natural beauty, improve and mantain a natural holistic lifestyle. I believe we are spirits having a human being experience so there are many spirutal lessons to learn here from life.I plan on sharing my natural hair journey, posting about my own journey and life and life lessons.My poems, tips for holisitic lifestyle and natural healing andd beauty as well as random pictures and fashion.This blog includes everything I love and thats a whole lot :)xoxoxo

Friday, October 1, 2010

Natural Hair styles

I love Beening natural for the freedom of expression the unique hair styles and so much more. Here are photos of me and my few of my Hair styles I rock since My 5Months Beening Natural and many more to come as it grows:)

Two stand twists and Cornrows style#1
5months (Sept 2010)
Length: Neck Length
2.5 Hours to complete

Fake French Roll
I use Mohawk Clip and tucked my ends and pin Down giveth fullness and illusion that my hair longer
5months Natural(Sept2010)
10mins to Complete

Hair Straighten
 Length Check :Neck Length
Sept20110(5months Natural)
2hours flat iron
40min Blow dry

Plaits(Indivduals) Styles Updo
5months NaturaL(Sept2010)
Length:Neck Length
2.5Hours to braid
15mins  to Style

Two Strand Twist Pin Updo
2months Natural (June2010)
The Puff
5months Natural(sept2010)
10mins Hair Style

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Lengh: Top Neck Length
                                                            1.5hours to complete
Straighten Bun
Sept2010(5months Natural)
Neck Length
5mins to complete

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